AdBlue Information

What is AdBlue®?

Simply put, AdBlue is a 32.5% solution of urea in deionised water and is required by many commercial vehicles operating on Europe's roads. AdBlue is essential for the correct operation of an advanced pollution control technology installed in the exhaust system called Selective Catalytic Reduction or SCR. Unlike diesel, AdBlue is a clear, non-toxic liquid that is safe to handle and does not damage the environment. AdBlue is not a fuel or fuel additive.  

AdBlue is a high specification solution and is manufactured to the DIN 70070 and ISO 22241 standards.

Who needs AdBlue®?

Currently, AdBlue is required by the majority of heavy duty diesel vehicles (trucks, buses and coaches) purchased after October 2006.  

In order to meet the Euro IV and V emissions limits, all of the major European truckmakers, to greater or lesser extent, offer SCR equipped vehicles. However, MAN and Scania have a firm focus on an alternative technology called EGR, that does not require the use of AdBlue and have equipped the majority of their model ranges accordingly.  

It is important to ensure that the vehicles remain supplied with AdBlue, as an on-board policing system will enforce a torque penalty if the AdBlue tank is empty. This is to ensure that the vehicles NOx emissions remain below the legal limit.

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