Storage and handling

Storage and handling

It is essential that the purity of AdBlue is ensured throughout the supply chain and when stored at a home depot. Therefore, it is critical that AdBlue is transported and stored in a manner that conforms with the CEFIC guidelines. When stored at a home depot, it is important that the AdBlue is not decanted from IBCs or bulk containers into smaller canisters as SCR catalysts are sensitive to many contaminants - especially mineral ions - and can suffer irreversible damage. If the damage has resulted from mishandling of AdBlue, the vehicle's warranty is likely to be found invalid.  

To some extent AdBlue is sensitive to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. The solution will freeze if its temperature falls below -11°C, and the urea content can decrease if stored at temperatures in excess of 30°C. However, AdBlue is not harmed by the freezing process and once thawed will retain its concentration and quality. In areas where the temperature is frequently in excess of 30°C (Greece, Spain etc) it is necessary to ensure that the solution is not stored in direct sunlight.  

The trucks themselves, and larger equipment installations, are built with several heated components to minimise the problem of frozen AdBlue.



An example AdBlue canister Canisters

Canisters are available from over 5000 service stations, supply depots and manufacturer dealerships around Europe. This supply type is typically used in an emergency situation and due to the small size there is a cost premium. Available sizes include 5L, 10L and 18L.


An example AdBlue pump Pump

Retail pumps supply AdBlue, by the litre, at a growing number of locations throughout Europe. Indeed, following a period of investment by the oil industry, some truckstops have installed AdBlue pumps on all diesel islands and it is now possible to refill with AdBlue while refuelling with diesel.



An example AdBlue IBC IBC

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) are a standardised method of storing and transporting liquids used in the chemical industry. IBCs hold 1000L of AdBlue and are competitively priced in comparison to on-the-road supply methods. Also, IBCs do not require permanent installation, and are currently one of the most popular options for the haulage industry.


An example AdBlue Mini Bulk container Mini bulk

A mini-bulk system is a fixed installation at a haulier's home depot. Typically mini bulk systems have a capacity between 4000-7000L and require regular refilling by an AdBlue producer. Due to the quantity of AdBlue purchased, cost/litre is low compared to other methods. However, the equipment is expensive and requires installation and maintenance.

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