Where can I buy AdBlue?

Where can I buy AdBlue®?

AdBlue can be purchased by the haulier on the road at a truckstop, service station or manufacturer dealership. It is also possible to arrange for a supply of AdBlue direct to the haulier's base of operations. You can use FindAdBlue.com to find the nearest AdBlue supply point and information about homebase AdBlue supply. FindAdBlue.com has details of over 10,000 AdBlue supply points throughout Europe.

While the price of AdBlue is lower when purchased in bulk at the home depot, this method can incur costly installation and equipment fees. In fact, some operators prefer the convenience of roadside AdBlue refilling. Indeed, AdBlue refilling is often linked to the operator's diesel refuelling strategy.  

AdBlue is used by the SCR system at a rate equivalent to 5% of diesel consumption and is currently less than half the price of diesel, per litre.


No. AdBlue is a high purity chemical solution manufactured to a strict specification and distributed through a secure supply chain. It is highly unadvisable to attempt to create your own 32.5% urea solution from fertilizer grade urea and water-purified or otherwise.  

Remember - using a non DIN/ISO specification urea solution will probably result in catalyst damage, invalidating the vehicle's warranty!

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