Exclusive: More than 270 SCR equipped passenger car models currently available on the European Market

Petra Sorsche of Daimler AG presented the range of SCR equipped passenger car models available in Europe on behalf of European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) at the 11th Integer Emissions Summit in Brussels, Belgium this month. The number of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) equipped passenger cars and vans in the European market is currently 272 models, representing 96 different vehicle series. Since 2009 multiple European OEMs have released SCR equipped diesel passenger cars, all operating at least 5 different vehicle series. A large portion of these passenger cars meet the current Euro 6 emissions standards and the remaining few all meet Euro 5 emissions standards.

There was substantial development seen in the number SCR passenger cars in the past three years, with a 914% growth in new models between 2012 and June 2015. There has also been 95 new SCR equipped passenger vehicles launched in 2015 by European vehicle manufacturers, and growth is expected to continue throughout the year. The presentation concluded by highlighting the need for SCR passenger cars to have a convenient and extensive AdBlue infrastructure for customers. The current AdBlue infrastructure for heavy-duty vehicles is highly saturated, making filling easy for operators and it is expected that such an infrastructure will develop for passenger cars and vans over the coming years. This development is the key requirement for the sustained growth and use of SCR in passenger cars.

This entry was written by Ben Treadwell and posted on 29 Jun 2015
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