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Yara acquires Borealis’ share in Le Havre urea plant

Yara has accepted an offer from Borealis to acquire its ownership of the Le Havre urea plant, on the northwest coast of France. The offer follows Borealis' acquisition of GPN SA in 2013, which included 52.15% ownership in the Le Havre urea plant. Yara currently holds a 47.

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France may increase tax on high-emission cars

The French Government is reportedly discussing plans to increase the levy on purchases of cars with high emissions to €8,000 (up from €6,000) per vehicle, a measure that could bring in €100 million in tax receipts and stimulate Euro 6 passenger car uptake.

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French government to incentivise Euro VI vehicles with new eco-tax levels

The French Ministries of Finance and Ecology have set taxation limits for an eco-tax on heavy-duty vehicles that will promote the uptake of Euro VI emissions standards. Two recent orders have set new mileage rates for France's eco-tax on goods transport vehicles for 2013 and 2014.

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Yara to expand French AdBlue supply network

Air1, the AdBlue division of Yara, has two new AdBlue customers in Europe. French company Geodis BM, one of Europe's largest logistics companies and a subsidiary of Geodis, will install AdBlue filling systems at 20 sites in France by the end of 2007.

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