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European AdBlue network exceeds 5,000 locations offering AdBlue at the pump

The latest edition of the AdBlue & DEF Monitor reported that the European AdBlue retail network had reached a landmark figure of over 5,000 locations equipped with forecourt pump facilities. Between April and July 2013, 147 new locations were brought online offering AdBlue at the pump.

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Market update: AdBlue pump network in Finland surpasses 200 locations

In February 2013, added several new locations operating bulk AdBlue pumps at the service station forecourt in Finland. The country now has 204 locations equipped with AdBlue pumps. The average pump price in the country is 0.

Full article extends AdBlue pump coverage to Turkey has added eight retail pump locations in Turkey managed by service station operator and fuel oil distributor, OPET. These allow drivers to pump AdBlue directly into a truck at the forecourt, rather than purchase it in cans.

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Fuel card operator expands AdBlue pump network

AS24, the fuel card subsidiary of Total, has recently expanded the number of AdBlue pumps across its network of automated service stations. There are currently 61 AS24 supply points equipped with AdBlue pumps, more than any rival oil company.

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