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Exhaust-gas treatment

Exhaust-gas aftertreatment through selective catalytic reduction (SCR) of nitric oxides: The process is based on the fact that reducing agents lower nitric oxides (NOx) in the presence of oxygen.
For automotive applications, this reducing agent is obtained from urea (NH2)2CO as a carrier substance. Urea is highly soluble in water and can therefore be added to the exhaust emissions as an easily dosed urea-water solution. The urea-water solution is marketed under the name AdBlue®.

The modular SCR system Denoxtronic® from Bosch is used to dose the AdBlue® reducing agent. Bosch develops, manufactures and supplies SCR dosing systems to vehicle manufacturers. The systems include the dosing module, supply module and dosing control unit.

The supply module brings the AdBlue® to the required pressure and feeds it into the dosing module. The dosing module ensures accurate measurement of the AdBlue® and handles its atomization and distribution in the exhaust pipe. The main task of the control unit (in the dosing control unit) is the model-based calculation of the required dosing quantity according to a predetermined dosing strategy.

If you are interested in more intelligent mobility solutions from Bosch, please visit our web portal Animations, pictures and graphics are available for download.

Denoxtronic®: Supply module (top left), dosing module air cooled (top right), dosing control unit (bottom left), dosing module water cooled (bottom right)
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